Knowing Machines: an Engelberg Center - USC Annenberg Collaboration

Knowing Machines takes over for season 4 of Engelberg Center Live!

This season Knowing Machines takes a deep dive into the datasets and people who shape machine learning and generative AI models. They offer us a powerful way to understand how these systems see the world, how they interpret it, as well as what they don't see, and what they might be getting wrong. So we're here to discuss what that material is and why it matters.

We've brought together computer scientists, engineers, social scientists, humanists, and also artists and journalists, a whole range of different interdisciplinary stakeholders in the same room to demystify this moment in artificial intelligence.

Previous seasons of Engelberg Center Live! include audio from selected Engelberg Center events. Season 2 of Engelberg Center Live! was devoted to a multi-part oral history of efforts to create a union at Kickstarter.

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